Sidetracks – BOGS Bakery

Occasionally I’ll write about things that are not quite on the topic of bogs. These are the Sidetracks.

Fate struck a couple of weeks ago. On my way home from my Sunday grocery shopping trip in Portland, a bright orange food truck drove in front of me at an intersection. The name across the side read BOGS Bakery which instantly peaked my interest.

I went on their website, found out their hours and location, and promptly made a plan to get some delicious baked goods. Turns out they specialize in gourmet toasts! This is fun for me since over quarantine I have developed an appreciation for really good bread. I’ve mastered the simpler recipes like focaccia and pizza dough, but leave the fermented loaves to the professionals. One question still remained after my initial investigation: where does the name come from? Is there a fellow bogophile out there in this world who also enjoys baking?

The BOGS Bakery truck can be found perched on the top Munjoy Hill overlooking the gorgeous Eastern Promenade and Casco Bay in Portland, Thursday-Sunday 8-2 (check their facebook or follow @bogsbakery on instagram for updates). There are many enticing sweet/savory toast combinations to choose from on the menu which changes regularly. I couldn’t pick just one, so I went with a focaccia topped with herbed brown butter goat cheese and blueberry compote AND a sourdough topped with sharp white cheddar, fresh apple slices, and honey mustard. I’m a fan of treating myself to a fun coffee from a local business every now and then, so I was pleased to see a variety of lattes in the menu too. I got a spicy fall latte with cinnamon and ginger to go with the two toasts I ordered.

Delicious BOGS Bakery toast

Both toasts were presented beautifully and devoured in minutes. All of the flavors were very satisfying and complementary. The focaccia was light and crisp and the sourdough was hearty. Overall, breakfast at BOGS Bakery was the perfect Friday morning treat!

Enjoying toast from the BOGS Bakery truck on the Eastern Promenade
Photo credit to Drew Rizzo who also got a latte and helped me eat the toast.

So to answer the burning question: what does this have to do with bogs? Actually… nothing. The owner, Kelly, named her business after her beloved dogs: Bailey, Odis, Greta, and Soren… B.O.G.S.

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3 thoughts on “Sidetracks – BOGS Bakery

  1. Love your blogs,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Aunt Kay! Love you!


  2. What a wonderful treat to read about your travels in the outdoors and enjoy the “sidetracks” as well. The bakery treats look sooo good. And you know how much we enjoy your photos. That part of the county is truly beautiful and so much to see and do. Look forward to each Blog.
    Love you,
    Grandpa and Grandma Selby


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